Adventure Tour And Sightseeing

Hallo everybody its Embor here. I'm so happy to have you as my guest and take you around my beautiful state (Meghalaya) and to give my best effort to serve you and to guide you.
Activities: Trekking, Caving, Boating, Hiking, Camping, Local Sightseeing. Visit new places and see how they live and their tribal  life style. Get experience with your stay and tour trip.
I help and guide movie shooting, photographers, reporters and researchers.

What to eat: You will get homely food and local food as well both vegetarian and non vegetarian.
What to see: Root bridges, beautiful waterfalls, hills, beautiful river, scenery, portrait, tribal villages that you have not seen.
Local sightseeing include: second largest gulf field in Asia, archery local khasi game, Don Bosco museum, Umiam lake, Elaphant falls, Shillong peak, local Khasi market(bara bazar), police bazar.
I arrange vehicles, guesthouse, hotels all north east India. I guide also all Meghalaya and outsuide.

The rates for guesthouse/homestay/hotels in Mawlynnong;  500-3500, Nongriat : 300-1000INR ,Cherrapunjee: 250-4000INR , Shillong        : 600-4500INR, Mawlynbna  : 1500-2000INR
The rates for Guide: Within Meghalaya 500-1000INR and outside Meghalaya 1500-2000INR
The rates for vehicles not include, it depends what kind of car you want.